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About Brazen Studios L.A.

Welcome to Brazen Studios L.A.- trailblazing new concept in beauty and fashion that uplifts the creator. 


We’re here to support your passion. We offer effortless accessibility to studio space, equipment, supplies and technology resources - make it pretty easy for new content creators to get a head start, produce content, build on their craft and expand their knowledge in digital media.


We believe in empowering Creators by removing barriers. Creators keep ownership of their content while gaining valuable resources and relationships that will help grow your channel, make more money and build your network.


Brazen Studios L.A. founder, Daisi knows all too well the difficulties of building a beauty brand through content without having all of the right resources and relationships. To help guide up-and-coming content creators, Brazen Studios L.A. hosts small group  mentoring session and workshops. 


Here at Brazen Studios L.A., you not only enter a supportive environment, you become part of a tribe of content creators and influencers. 

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