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  • I’m already a member of another MCN (or  blogger network), is that OK? Absolutely,  We welcome everyone! There are  no contracts or exclusivity with using Brazen Studios.


  • I don’t have a YouTube channel, is that OK? Yes, we support content creators on all platforms. Just let us know what your channels are. 

  • I’m just getting started, are there any requirements for shooting at Brazen Studios?  Nope! We just want you to explore your passion for creating beauty content! So whether you’ve got 0 or 1,000 followers, your welcome to shoot at our space.


  • I don’t live in LA, how can I get involved? Our studio and events held in Los Angeles, CA, but we also have online mentoring sessions, amazing content on our blog, and a suite of web and mobile apps we are developing just for our members (coming soon!).


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